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are's watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. this morning while politics demand to know why -- politicians demand to know why they why left in the dark a mystery woman comes forward. >> you heard of second hand smoke but when's third hand smoke? we will explain what it is and why it's so bad not just for youbut your kids. >> and how hard is it to pick up pieces after a hurricane? we will show you how the victims of katrina traveled to new york to pay it forward from those suffering from sandy. details coming up on this monday november 12th and happy veteran's day we are observing it today good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. we will give outdetails about what's going on in downtown baltimore but if you headed that way you need to know how the weather will be. let's go over to meteorologist lynette charles. >> the parade is going to be good. the weather is going to be fine. and we are going to be mild as we go throughout the day. that's some good news this morning. we can see on maryland's most powerful radar not a whole lot
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to see. we are scanning the skies and dry but we have some showers and wet weather working its way in here later this evening and into tomorrow morning. right now, temperatures coming in at 46 degrees in hickory. 48 in ijamsville and you do need the coat as you step out. wind are on the light side and they will pick up as we go throughout the day out of the south at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. and also, we are looking at some patchy fog this morning in some spots. take it easy out there and have the low beams on if you run into that. here's the planner throughout the day, we will warm up nicely 60 by lunchtime and 64 degrees by this afternoon. with increasing clouds. let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mend we are dealing with fog across the region so a good morning to turn on the low beams. we have good news war crash is cleared from the eastbound lanes of route 50 at the bay bridge. now if you are traveling in mount vernon, do be aware that the big veteran's day parade will begin at 9 and many roads
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will be shut down beginning at 7 so just in one half-hour many of the intersection also shut down including charles street that will be closed from fayette to monument and eastbound lanes of mount vernon closed closed from cathedral to st. paul and the parade ends at gay street shut down from fayette to falls way. if you are traveling on 95 this morning, as we check in and look live downtown, here at 395, no delays whatsoever it will be nice and clear through the fort mchenry tunnel. and looking live here as we pull up the shot at harford road in parkville. no problems on inner loop towards 95 and the outer loop delay free up to towson of the west side of the beltway also going to be in great shape. looking at an 11 minute ride normal conditions on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. >> developing story leader in washington right now trying to figure out who knew what and when about david petraeus sudden departure from the cia.
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>> they are trying to determine what happens next and linda so is here with all new developments. what have you learned. >> reporter: we learned eric kantor knew about the affair in -- kantor knew about the affair and he talked to the fbi about the affair in late october. the affair may have remained secret if it were not for the threatening e-meals his lover -- e-mails his lover sent to another woman a wipe wife of a tampa surgeo and support of the military contacked the fbireceiving the threatening e- mails which was traced back to paula broadwell who petraeus was allegedly having a affair with. she is a married mother of two and wrote a biography of petraeus and says she shirred over the mental and physical discipline after her trip to afghan tan to interview him. >> an opportunity to interview him on the run and i thought i would test him but whoa at the time me. >> reporter: -- he would test me. >> reporter: petraeus was
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supposed to attack on the attack in libya but the interim director will speak in its place. thieves in tennessee use used a forklift to steal a atm approaching the atm and it is loading into the bed of the pickup and hauling it away. the machine minus money wasfound later in the woods along with the truck and that truck had been stolen. the crooks got away with the cash. a home invasion robbery is caught on tape. and he says was at home with two friends when they asked if they could do video -- card yard work and he said know and they asked for water and that's when the attack started. >> he comes through the gate with a gun and i was caught off guard. so, he had me in a choke hold and told me to be quiet or i will shute you. >> they took cell phones and money and jewelry and ran away. tucson police identified them
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and they were later arrested. they are looking for a third man. two people are in police custody after a brawl at flea market in dundalk. baltimore county police say a man was hit in the head with a rubber mallet and it started yesterday afternoon between two groups at the north point flea market. 6:35 right now. it was a gift that helped save his life and now he hopes to do the same for others. he was shot on the first day of school at perry hall high school. and he received several units of blood during his stay in the hospital. now his family is organizing a blood drive to help the red cross. they want to pay it forward. so they are seeing a huge shortfall in donations when it comes to blood and they need help because of hurricane sandy. if you would like to help, donate blood from three until 8 tomorrow at perry hall high. moms and dads you could be in -- you could be endangering your child and don't know it. >> nearly half of spoking parents admitted to doing it while -- smoking parents
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admitted to doing it white kids were present in the car. >> tobacco smoke can contribute to cancers and infection and death in children. third hand smoke a sewage -- is a huge concern. >> when smoking in a car or closed in space, they found there's third hand smokecouldn't which is the residue left -- component which is the residue that can coat the inside of the car and can dangerous for children. it also found out that when you roll down the window partially or completely, that can still be an environment equivalent to a smoky bar. >> massachusetts general hospital researchers interviewed nearly 800 parents who smoked and it turns out 70% of them did not have a smoke free car. stay with us this morning. the price of airline tickets are up especially on one airline. >> the blame is a pilot shortage but why are fewer flying? some say the job is not what it used to.
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>> we are not in -- used to be. >> we are not in kansas we will tell you how much dort yea dress -- dorothy's dress cost. >> temperatures in the low 40s. that continues throughout the day. but if you wan the current conditions where you live -- want the current conditions where you live, go to the app store and down load our app. good morning maryland will be right back. hey, look! a shooting star!
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from. [audio not understandable] good morning maryland. >> hey. >> that's an energetic bunch. >> and good morning to you. judy garland's iconic blue dress from the wizard of oz has a new owner. >> an auction house in beverly hills california says it soldfor 480,000 dollars. the buyer has not been identified. today katy's will -- katie will welcome a special guest.
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>> judge judely will talk about the responsibility of a woman in the white house perhaps next time around. here's a preview. >> and so i think that it's sad that in the anniversary of this country almost 2 hundredth year we don't have a woman who can do -- has been able to get to the point to do the job let's hope in 2016 that changes. >> i would say yes. but would you support hillary clinton a lot of women would very invested in her campaign her candidacy last time. >> i like her. i like her. i come to like her more. i think she is a person of substance and quality and i think she understands the system and he think she is an excellent politician and understands economics and i think she now understands the international arena. would i support her? probably. >> would you-- >> there's the preview. >> all right.
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>> she is no nonsense that judge judy. >> hold off on the cell phone. you might need to know something especially if you are pregnant. >> a study tells you about theradiation of your cell phone and how it can cause problems. >> a food drive in style. if you missed it it's happening again today. how to get involved in baltimore's biggest thanksgiving meal. >> all right. we are dry now but we have rain out to the west and i will tell you when this reaches your neighborhood coming up. >> reporter: we are off to a foggy start at 8 3. i will let you know what it looks like on the beltway and 95 coming up on good morning maryland.
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monday morning this is your abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson let'ssaid good morning to metedor off the -- meeto gist din -- meteor will gist lynette charles. >> that is good day veterans day to get out and go to your parade and we will be dealing with a little change in the forecast going through time but maryland's most powerful radar look good. staying dry and we will see
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changes in the forecast for us. as we look at what's going on in terms of temperatures, look at the 51 degrees we have right now in arnold. this is above average. but we have 51 for a dew point so we are looking at patchy fog across the area this morning. and as you head out and about, take it easy. the breezes and winds will pick up throughout the day out of the south and that's going to help warm temperatures a bit. checking out temperatures in arnold, 51 we are seeing more of the same in a lot of spots this morning. so be prepared for that. and we will look at the fact that the wet weather will be working its way in as we go through the overnight into tomorrow but this is the planner for today. we are going with 60 degrees breezy conditions by lunchtime more at 3:00 with the temperatures at 64 degrees. a nice day with the clouds increasing. let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, we are dealing with fog this morning. so turn on the low beams because there's reduced visibility. you will need to watch out for
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that in pasadena watch out for some downed wires that has shut down hog neck road between tower bridge road and elizabeth road. stick with edwin rainer boulevard. no concerns on 97 whether route 50 or 695. howard county, no concerns on interstate 70 from columbia pike to 695 and as we check in and look live here at the northwest corner of the beltway traffic is moving right along no delays from old court road down to 95 and as we head over to parkville this is what it looks like at harford road. everything is moving along no delays heading up towards towson. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. 6:47. there are no words of gratitude that are strong enough tore our veterans. the sacrifices have been emense. >> we honor them for everything they have done and everything they continue to do. sherrie johnson is hive with how to -- live with how to
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celebrate veterans da. >> reporter: in a little -- day. >> reporter: in a little bit a number of people will gather for the third annual veterans day parade and ceremony. it's not just a day off for work but a time to come together and thanks those who served our country and those still serving. it's a time to come together and salute them. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will be on hand for this event. it starts at 9 this morning right here at mount vernon square where it will wind its way around downtown. the mayor will lead a march of dignitaries and veterans and military personnel down charles street from the washington monument to the actual ceremony. and there -- that ceremony will be held at the war memorial plaza and a number of streets will be closed in just a matter of minutes this morning at 7 a.m. because of the parade starting at 9 a.m. now again, the parade starts at 9 this morning and the ceremony starts at 10 a.m. at war memorial plaza and a big thank you to the veterans and those serving including my dad and my brother. reporting live in downtown
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baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. middle river had a ceremony to remember and honor those who served our country. dozens came to holy hills for the veterans illuminations. the names of the men and women of eastern baltimore county who died in every war from world war i to present are enshined there. boy scouts from troops 117 and 355 put out more than 600 candles. the white ones for those who honorablely serve and the red force those killed in action. >> that is day that we try to teach our young people and our future generations about the sacrifices that have been made for their freedoms. and this is a way for these young men to be able to tell families that we honor that sacrifice that has been made. >> this was the 6th annual illumination and the candles stay lit all night. veterans will be treated to a free lunch at texas roadhouse
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restaurant. every roadhouse restaurant across the u.s. is taking part. more than 08,000 military -- 80,000 military personnel enjoyed free meals last year. one of the best known traditions on thanks giving. bea gaddy's annual holiday feast. >> and preparations are underway to make sure thousands of mouths will get a hot meal this year. and linda so is here to tell us how people are showing their support in the community. linda. >> reporter: well, a huge crowd turned out to donate much needed items to the bea gaddy foundation. it's part of the baltimore county corvettes' club 6 annual food run for bea gaddy. more than 150 corvettes participated to deliver canned goods and other personnel items to the family center in baltimore. >> one the things we try to do with the canned drive is give canned goods and disposable items to the center. >> reporter: bea gaddy's annual thanksgiving meal would not be possible without support from the community. they are looking for volunteers
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and food donations and tomorrow night 569:30, a baltimore raven will be at the museum on pratt street for a food drive to support this year's thanksgiving dinner. that starts at 6:30 tomorrow night. linda so, abc2 news. 9 minutes away from 7 right now. more and more stores plan to open their doors on thanksgiving day. toys r us now one of them. the toy chain is set to open at 8 p.m. on thanksgiving day. the store will offer more than 200 door buster deals including a free $20 store gift card and 30 dollar itunes gift card. from thanksgiving to saturday, toys r us will offer buy one get one free or get one dollar on the select video games. toys r us is offering free lay away plans for customers. >> time for five things to know on this monday. labor and business leaders are meeting for talks about the fiscal cliff. they will meet with president obama to talk about what needs to be done to avoid tax hikes
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and deep spending cuts. >> u.s. airlines is facing a serious pilot shortage as higher experienced requirements for new hires goes into effect next summer. this raises the cost and time to train new pilots. another issue is thousands of senior pilots will hit a mandatory retirement age of 65. >> some say they saw this coming. workers who make twinkies on strike at bakeries after hostess brands cut wages and benefits by more than 25%. the company warns a widespread strike could force it to liquidate. >> breast feeding policy are being announced. they hope hospitals will use the tips when talking to moms about breast feeding. recommendations are alined with baby friendly policies. a study says exposure to cell phone radiation during pregnancy may lead to hyperactivity within a child. patients should be cautious about devices and it's recommended pregnant women hold phones away from the body. 6:52. two weeks since sandy struck
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the east coast and this morning there's more than 100,000 people in new york and new jersey that don't have any power. going without electricity for this long feeling like those in new orleans they say i know what you are feeling. after hurricane katrina so a team from zataran's traveled to staten island to cook up hot meals to first responders who made the trip to katrina to help them clean up. there were whiteout conditions in north dakota a snowstorm dumped 8 inches in bismarck. they responded to dozens of accidents. they are urging people to stay off the roads. if this is any indication what have's to come for people in north dakota they could be in for a really, really long winter. this does seem lynette to be a little early. >> it does. >> it's little early but it's not unusual and that's the same sis them a he is -- system that's moving into our area going through the overnight into tomorrow. being see some snow on the backside of it in illinois and right now all this is sliding off towards the east. and it is about 14 hours away
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from us. we won't get nonet snow part of it. -- get in on the snow part of it but we will get in on the rain part. in bel air we are looking at patchy fog psych that across the area. we will get plenty sunshine this -- fog -- perry hall at 41. mount airy 50. and stevenville at 50 and 50 -- 52 in easton this morning. we are going to be dealing with breezy conditions as you get into afternoon. for today, on the warm side of that front. and then that jet stream takes a dip that cold front moves through and we are going to be feeling that chilly air as we head into tomorrow and beyond. future trend picking up on more of the same increasing clouds across the area. rain pushes in and especially as we go through the overnight into tomorrow morning. and then by the afternoon, evening tomorrow, we are looking good again. plenty of sunshine moves back into the picture. this is what to expect heading
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through the rest of today. temperatures coming in at 60 by this afternoon. and 64 for the high. also, looking at that 7-day forecast brings us plenty of sunshine. 47 on wednesday and then the next chance for rain moves in as we head into sunday. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, we are dealing with fog out there this morning. so turn on the low beams because there is going to be some reduced visibility. in anne arundel county we are dealing with downed wires in pasadena that shut down hog neck road between tower bridge road and elizabeth. use edwin rainer boulevard as an alternate. we have veteran's day parade at mount vernon square. it starts at 9 but roads will shut down beginning at 7:00. charles street closed from fayette to monument and lexington from charles to frederick street and eastbound mount vernon place at cathedral and gay street shut down at fayette street. no concerns on 83. and heading into the city and this is what 95 looks like
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downtown at 395 traffic moving right along the beltway going to be in great shape in parkville. here's a live look at harford road. no problems heading up towards towson but a crash near ridgely avenue you want to watch out for. megan and charley over to you. a family has more than doubled in size from 3 to 7. >> they welcomed a set of quadruplets on november 1st. here they are. they are two boys and two girls and we are not sure of the names. they were delivered at anne arundel medical center. the hospital's second set and they have to stay in the neo natal intensive care as they were born a few weeks early and will be there for a few more weeks but the babies, mom, dad and their big brother are all doing very well this morning. >> that's massive. three to 7. >> i know i keep thinking what are they going to do about a stroller. there must be one for four. >> i am curious the third. mom, dad and the middle child and the four babies. somebody has a job.
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>> all right. thanks for joining us we will have updates on news weather and traffic in 30 minutes.
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